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JonHunter's News

Posted by JonHunter - July 3rd, 2012

This is my gay friend Barry.
I saved him from an evil corporation that sold me a nice shirt. He's a bit conscious about his tongue.

BE NICE TO HIM. Show him some love.

This is my friend Barry

Posted by JonHunter - June 5th, 2012

I haz been drunk

Graduation means more parties!... And Flashwork..

Posted by JonHunter - May 3rd, 2012

Hey guys! Good news, mostly!

I have had way too much homework, to focus on animating. Even though I wish I could, even though I might have had spare nights, it becomes too much to waste all my days doing homework and animations at the same time. Therefor I decided to primarily focus on the homework until I graduate. (which is just a few weeks away, I expect an immediate return soon!)

I have some ideas I really wanna try out, but first I got homework than other stuff that needs to be done, but of course first I need to share this incredibly funtastic moment!
A friend of mine called me, said he needed a voice sample really quick in order to finish a track he and his friend had been working on. So I pulled some strings and walked to the studio I usually record stuff in.

(This being my first audio recording in terms of Music.)
It turned out really great in my opinion, atleast the stuff I sent through! In the recording however, and here's the good part, I explained and joked around a bit with him just because I knew him.
This led to them doing another funny little track, using some samples but pasting it all together, into the track I published today. What did you think?

Check it out here.
It's mostly a joke, the real track is still a work in progress. I'll make sure to write a new entry once it's done.

I got other stuff going on!
I just recently applied to a Radio Station, or community.. Or both, either way I'm gonna do some writing for them when I have the spare time.
I'm working on a piece for 2012's Sketch Collab.
Then I got some ideas I wanna pull through, my hopes are that I'll actually get my motivation up when I'm finished with school!

Is it just me, or is it actually really hard to stay motivated when one has homework and school? Seriously?

Posted by JonHunter - February 8th, 2012

So the redesign came.. It had been rumoured for a long time, and I had promissed myself that I'd try to update my user icon when that time came.
As well as the profile pic, it was said to me that it didn't really reflect on my "skills as an artist" so I gave it a go from my cruise last December! Yes, I was that drunk.. NOW IT CERTAINLY REFLECTS ON MY "skills as an artist" accordingly, BOOYEAH!

Either way, my thoughts on the redesign:
Most people who complain, seem to complain for the sake of complaining, amIright?
This redesign isn't that huge, just a minor move to things, dividing games and movies (FINALLY!), and way cooler art. As well as the design in general. There isn't much to really complain about.

But I guess it's the same with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.. Whenever they redesign, everyone seems to act like it's the end of the world.

Just because I am so nice, here is my plans and thoughts on animating, and why I share it with you!
1. I'm considering between a parody of the ongoing battle between the Anonymous, the government, scientologists and everything ironic about it.
Or, a drama I just recently picked up in my mind. However, I wanna work around my ways as an artist before I gave that a go.. Feels like the idea is too huge to spoil on my crappy animating.. Thing is I want to get to work with something, because I have so much spare time now. School even gave me even MOREfree time, when does oppurtunities like that ever happen?!

2. I wanna practice more FBF stuff. Like, walk cycles, camera spinarounds, etc.. If anyone has anything they felt helped them through this, do share!

3. I'm a bit unsure on how I'm gonna work on my next projects, if I should combine them with school, since they do seem to overclass every other student in my class. Which is kind of funny, because usually I'm the F guy.

4. I'm trying to quit smoking. I have to save up the cash. I wanna start working out again as well.. The real question however is, why I draw a user image for NG of me smoking, when I just quit.. Bah, here's the full image just to notleave this post too texty. Whaddya think? I like the abstract feeling to it.
Oh yeah I got a haircut, too bad the only pic to show it is a drawing. DERP

Redesign?! Crap!

Posted by JonHunter - January 19th, 2012

People who have the need to update everyone with useless information like:
"I just ate food that I myself cooked."
"I've been so good, because I just finished a 20 min jog"

I mean, is the point of this that you need to know that you're a perfectly acceptable human being or something? Is it like you have this sick desire of fitting in?

In one way, it's ironic that I do the same by writing this.. I just felt like I never really write stuff that explain who I am here at NG. Maybe I should start doing that more often.

Another thing I despise is people finding ways to conform in being different. Yet they whine about it, as if they never understood why they are misunderstood. Yet they clearly know that having a weird haircut will make them look odd, in comparison to the rest of the world. I'm not saying I want us all to look like a bunch of boring robots, but what's the point of bitching about it?

Posted by JonHunter - January 15th, 2012

Nothing I'm really proud of. I could have done a way better ending, but it was fun that I actually finished something for once.

Also I tried new ways of directing the animation in general and whatnot. Bah I shouldn't be talking too much about it, see for yourselves.
Then feel free to rip me a new one on how bad it is and whatnot.

So I made something

Posted by JonHunter - December 4th, 2011

Just got myself an Xbox 360 Slim and some games. Thought I'd try and find some ppl who wants to play with me.

My gamertag is JointarN
Feel free to add me =D would be fun to play with some NGers. Explore all that live shit they talk so heavily about on E3

Posted by JonHunter - November 18th, 2011

Seriously, anyone got a collab going on or something that I could help with?

I'd check the forums but most stuff on there gives me the "I'mma organize a collab and all of u do work for meh"-vibe.

- FathaMucka

Posted by JonHunter - October 22nd, 2011

If I wasn't so lazy I'd actually animate this but whatever.

Yesterday I bought some moonshine. For those of you who don't know that is liqour that is brewed privately. Which is something a lot of governments doesn't take kindly too. I have in fact already had a fine on carrying it 3 years ago.

Don't drink it kids, it could be heavily dangerouse. Make sure you know the guy, and that it doesn't smell like poison. Anyways let's get down to it:

So yesterday I put a bottle of moonshine (with som Fanta in it) outside of the pub. I went out to drink some, and a policeman walks up to me with a heavy light and asks:
"Sir, what are you drinking?"
"...... I don't.. I don't know, I picked this up from the streets. I always do that"
"Oh, is there any alcohol in that?"
"I got no idea my man, let's find out" (At this point I actually try to drink from the bottle.)
"No sir, I'll throw that away for you"
"Oh thank you."

Later on, and this is probably where moonshine is heavily bad. I messed up with my date at the pub, so being a Swedish Viking in an americans body I decided to take things in my own hands... Or whatever, I see the same cop again, around 3 AM, I walk up to him and this is how it goes:

"Hey pig, put me in the cell."(In Sweden, you can sleep at like a half-prison or something to sleep your drunkness or other stuff off. Don't know how that works for you other guys, but they keep us there 6-8 hours if we'r really drunk.)
"No sir, I think your clever enough to walk home right?"
"I am?"
"Yes, I've seen you walk home many times."
.......... I don't really know what went wrong here.. I decided not to ask anything since that creeped me out.

Hey this might be entertainment for you guys? I could keep writing these journal entries everytime I am, or have been drunk. I have in fact once put out a cigarette on my penis, by mistake of course... or?
I might get into detail on that someday. Anyways, I've provided (to not disapoint people with too much text actually) a pic of the spaceship I made for the StarCraft spoof that I never finished. Because when we are drunk.. We could really use one!

It's time for.. DRUNKEN STORIES!

Posted by JonHunter - October 4th, 2011

Doesn't necisarily mean that I made something awesome though..

Although, I do like his expression, think about being stuck in a wheelchair at a party, as a giraff..