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It's time for.. DRUNKEN STORIES!

Posted by JonHunter - October 22nd, 2011

If I wasn't so lazy I'd actually animate this but whatever.

Yesterday I bought some moonshine. For those of you who don't know that is liqour that is brewed privately. Which is something a lot of governments doesn't take kindly too. I have in fact already had a fine on carrying it 3 years ago.

Don't drink it kids, it could be heavily dangerouse. Make sure you know the guy, and that it doesn't smell like poison. Anyways let's get down to it:

So yesterday I put a bottle of moonshine (with som Fanta in it) outside of the pub. I went out to drink some, and a policeman walks up to me with a heavy light and asks:
"Sir, what are you drinking?"
"...... I don't.. I don't know, I picked this up from the streets. I always do that"
"Oh, is there any alcohol in that?"
"I got no idea my man, let's find out" (At this point I actually try to drink from the bottle.)
"No sir, I'll throw that away for you"
"Oh thank you."

Later on, and this is probably where moonshine is heavily bad. I messed up with my date at the pub, so being a Swedish Viking in an americans body I decided to take things in my own hands... Or whatever, I see the same cop again, around 3 AM, I walk up to him and this is how it goes:

"Hey pig, put me in the cell."(In Sweden, you can sleep at like a half-prison or something to sleep your drunkness or other stuff off. Don't know how that works for you other guys, but they keep us there 6-8 hours if we'r really drunk.)
"No sir, I think your clever enough to walk home right?"
"I am?"
"Yes, I've seen you walk home many times."
.......... I don't really know what went wrong here.. I decided not to ask anything since that creeped me out.

Hey this might be entertainment for you guys? I could keep writing these journal entries everytime I am, or have been drunk. I have in fact once put out a cigarette on my penis, by mistake of course... or?
I might get into detail on that someday. Anyways, I've provided (to not disapoint people with too much text actually) a pic of the spaceship I made for the StarCraft spoof that I never finished. Because when we are drunk.. We could really use one!

It's time for.. DRUNKEN STORIES!

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lol, more boozy stories plz!

I'll get down to it, keep checking.

Wow. Here in the US, you'd be thrown in jail until someone bails you out. We are allowed to brew our own beer though. It's called MicroBrew. Good stuff!

You could call moonshine microbrew in Sweden, since liqour is so regular here.

The story was starting to get good. I want the part where you punch the cop in the face and run away

You want to know why there is a difference between your wish and my real-life story?
You're cool.

i got one i was newly 21 and wanted to see how much liquer i could drink as fast as possible well i spent about 150 dollars on jeager and tiquila in an hour at the bar and woke up butt naked in a random hotel luckily my wallet wasnt stolen and my organs were intact so i call it a sucess got a few more but they all end the same with me waking up confused as hell and cursing the people who decided to take pictures and videos.

Wow awesome ship! I could never draw one that good. :D

Bah, the linework is horrible on it. The shading isn't precise but otherwise it's alright.
Thanks =D