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As you probably know, I reviewed your airing episode (and more). It just came to me the other day that I should check up on this production and see what became of it.

Overall, I am a lot more pleased with this one. Great episode. I can see how you guys implemented the 2001 storyline into this with great care. The only downside I can really find to this, is that there are a bit too few explanations as-to-why. Why, oh why would the internet be shot into space? Wouldn't it just have made more sense if it just was there, left as a debris to a former human planet? If not for that, as well as some cheesy jokes and ripoffs, this would have gotten a straight 5/5. I still wish you do something to alter the story so it doesn't feel like a Futurama ripoff though!

I liked it, the message seems a bit spooky and dare I say that the white character just looked for a friend that he himself "owned", or should I say, specifically designed for his own interests?
However, it's a bit short, the story could be longer, contain some twists maybe. When I think about it now, it kind of feels like I just watched an animators excuse to animate something at all. I did like it, the style was really sweet. I didn't bother reading the author comments section, because I don't feel I should. (Also, it's a pretty long read, feels like it takes longer than your film itself, which to me feels like an error.) With this said, if you mentionned the FPS issue (this could be me, but usually I don't get such issues.) then I still feel like that kind of drags the score down a bit.

Creds for being dutch, you guys got it easy. (That's all I saw in your comments. lol)

Never really liked sci-fi movies..
But good job..

FL0PIE responds:

Thanks for the input!

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A movie..?

I don't know if it's just me, but it says this is a movie.. Apperantly it isn't?
Otherwise, a good start when it comes to flash. I liked the pepsi logo on Kim Jongs desk. xD

JohnnySkul responds:

I don't think you played it. Theres alot of stuff to do, the start was just an intro clip.

Good if it was a first.

And assuming it aint a first, this sucks. Sorry.

Besides, about the clocks wanting back at the Locks, everyone copies everyone, that's why we have billions of Mona Lisa pictures. Besides, who the hell gives a damn? Locks are more fun then Clocks! ^_^

Prefer the older one

Sorry Gamecubile, i like the older one more, this one is so.. Well. I came to the moving lines part, but that wasn't the worsest thing, the worsest thing was the small roads or whatever, the game felt so irritatingly bad. Prefer the older one.


older one? this is the only cursor game ive made

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Feels like you shouldn't ask me to check out your other stuff unless it actually improves.. Same thing on all your stuff mate, the kicks are lacking.

Either you finish an entire track and get correct feedback that way, or you improve what you need to work on.
The melodies are decent though, but the point of using Nexus seems kind of low, would be way cooled if you had your own synths. For that matter, way cooler if you did all the work yourself ;)

pyrocation responds:

I did do all the work myself -3-

Did you create the synth? It is rather good. The melody seems accurate
The kick needs work.
The mastering seems a bit dull, since the kick sounds like some weird gumball in the background.

(which means, it's pretty empty so far.)

Maybe you should add the fact that you don't own the name, nor Headhunterz nor anything except that it's a tribute/remake? =)

also, it's called
Headhunterz - From Within (Lotgenoot Edit) (Or just From Within, but if it's the edit you mean, that is it's official name.)
Also, fun to see more Hardstyle reaching NG!

pyrocation responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :]

-I made the synth with the Nexus VST with the stock Fruityloops Parametric EQ 2 and other stuff haha.
-Yea I'm having a hard time working around the kick... I can't seem to make it stand out without having it overpower the melody.
-It's the "Winne" edit because Winne was the artist of the song Lotgenoot. Willem himself named it like that.

Also I just added a few more tracks, be sure to check them out? :]

You have become way better.

Way better, I somehow wish you're demo was longer. Idunno if this is standard or not.
On the other hand, you have some submissions that speak clearly for your skills, so I guess you don't have much to prove really.

Kpheeyat responds:

I think 1:30 is standard. If you are left for wanting more, then I have achieved success ^_^ When I'll have some new voices developed I'll make a new demo ^_^ I think I'll focus on some higher tones or some foreign accents that time.

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Looks dope bro! Hope all is well with ya

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