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Redesign?! Crap!

Posted by JonHunter - February 8th, 2012

So the redesign came.. It had been rumoured for a long time, and I had promissed myself that I'd try to update my user icon when that time came.
As well as the profile pic, it was said to me that it didn't really reflect on my "skills as an artist" so I gave it a go from my cruise last December! Yes, I was that drunk.. NOW IT CERTAINLY REFLECTS ON MY "skills as an artist" accordingly, BOOYEAH!

Either way, my thoughts on the redesign:
Most people who complain, seem to complain for the sake of complaining, amIright?
This redesign isn't that huge, just a minor move to things, dividing games and movies (FINALLY!), and way cooler art. As well as the design in general. There isn't much to really complain about.

But I guess it's the same with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.. Whenever they redesign, everyone seems to act like it's the end of the world.

Just because I am so nice, here is my plans and thoughts on animating, and why I share it with you!
1. I'm considering between a parody of the ongoing battle between the Anonymous, the government, scientologists and everything ironic about it.
Or, a drama I just recently picked up in my mind. However, I wanna work around my ways as an artist before I gave that a go.. Feels like the idea is too huge to spoil on my crappy animating.. Thing is I want to get to work with something, because I have so much spare time now. School even gave me even MOREfree time, when does oppurtunities like that ever happen?!

2. I wanna practice more FBF stuff. Like, walk cycles, camera spinarounds, etc.. If anyone has anything they felt helped them through this, do share!

3. I'm a bit unsure on how I'm gonna work on my next projects, if I should combine them with school, since they do seem to overclass every other student in my class. Which is kind of funny, because usually I'm the F guy.

4. I'm trying to quit smoking. I have to save up the cash. I wanna start working out again as well.. The real question however is, why I draw a user image for NG of me smoking, when I just quit.. Bah, here's the full image just to notleave this post too texty. Whaddya think? I like the abstract feeling to it.
Oh yeah I got a haircut, too bad the only pic to show it is a drawing. DERP

Redesign?! Crap!

Comments (7)

Amazing how cool I am for doing that.

Cool Icon Jon! How can I be as amazing as you?

I agree with your opinions.
Pretty Nice art work too.

I agree, I think the new design is great.

Also, good luck with your projects, and congrats on quitting smoking.

Thanks =D
However, it's too early to say "I'm done with that" in my opinion. But I have no choice really

You're a quitter man.
Smoking makes you cool. Everyone knows that. Now you're not cool anymore.

I know right.... I should begin again.

I personally don't mind it. Granted, there are things that will take a good while to get used to like that Project system thing but thank god, we've separated the movies and the games. Shame they couldnt separate the awards but whatever. Its not a massive change like it was in 2007 but it looks nicer at least

They said they were working on seperating the awards, but one step at a time.

The only thing I hate about the re-design was the fact that they stopped showing the description of the games or videos, I mean let me just say that there have been a lot of Videos and Games on newgrounds that i would never have watched or played if it weren't for the description,Without it,it just feels like there's three art browsers on the home page....and that angers me.

Atleast the art is bigger and speaks a lot more for the animation now.. However I agree, the descriptions were fun.

Hard to come up with a good one though.. Aleast for me.