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Gladulatastical News!

Posted by JonHunter - May 3rd, 2012

Hey guys! Good news, mostly!

I have had way too much homework, to focus on animating. Even though I wish I could, even though I might have had spare nights, it becomes too much to waste all my days doing homework and animations at the same time. Therefor I decided to primarily focus on the homework until I graduate. (which is just a few weeks away, I expect an immediate return soon!)

I have some ideas I really wanna try out, but first I got homework than other stuff that needs to be done, but of course first I need to share this incredibly funtastic moment!
A friend of mine called me, said he needed a voice sample really quick in order to finish a track he and his friend had been working on. So I pulled some strings and walked to the studio I usually record stuff in.

(This being my first audio recording in terms of Music.)
It turned out really great in my opinion, atleast the stuff I sent through! In the recording however, and here's the good part, I explained and joked around a bit with him just because I knew him.
This led to them doing another funny little track, using some samples but pasting it all together, into the track I published today. What did you think?

Check it out here.
It's mostly a joke, the real track is still a work in progress. I'll make sure to write a new entry once it's done.

I got other stuff going on!
I just recently applied to a Radio Station, or community.. Or both, either way I'm gonna do some writing for them when I have the spare time.
I'm working on a piece for 2012's Sketch Collab.
Then I got some ideas I wanna pull through, my hopes are that I'll actually get my motivation up when I'm finished with school!

Is it just me, or is it actually really hard to stay motivated when one has homework and school? Seriously?

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Yeah, homework is a bitch. Nights where I'm sure I could get 3 hours of animation done become nights where I barely get an hour, or nothing at all because of homework.

Keep trucking though.